How to Play Harmonica

Just Imagine......

Imagine that you walk into a room where everyone is sitting around, wishing something interesting would happen... 

- without a word, you snap off the TV, pull your harmonica out of your pocket, give a dramatic pause, and then you play a song, surprising everyone with what you can suddenly do

- with Harmonica SuperStart this is absolutely, totally, completely do-able for you! You can learn how to play the harmonica! 

Have you ever tried to learn how to play the harmonica before? 

If your answer is
"NO, I'm completely new at it"
then there's lots of good reasons why Harmonica SuperStart is the best way for you to get started learning how to play the harmonica. Please read on to find out why.
If your answer is:
"YES, I've tried to play the harmonica before"

- then please get a harmonica ready, because here's a quiz on the most important part of harmonica playing - TONE  
Experiment #1: 
First, go to hole #2 and DRAW (inhale) hole #2, then BLOW hole #3:  

If they don't sound exactly the same, then you are already in the danger zone. DRAW hole #2, BLOW hole #3 are tuned as the same note, but quite often they don't match up at all anymore. If so, then the best thing you could do is step back and fix your tone.

Experiment #2:

Do the CLAMP exercise
(it's the subject of your free video you can get
by subscribing below)



"Thanks so much for Harmonica Superstart.
At first, I thought it was too easy,
but I was terribly wrong. CD2 (Blues Unit) is just what I have been wanting to learn to do.
I realized I still take my mouth off the harmonica quite a bit (which may explain inconsistency in clear notes).
This is exactly what I have wanted you to show me,
but I wasn't sure how to request.
I have tried to learn to do nice accompaniment,
but when I record myself I sound choppy and distract from the melody.
You do a nice smooth accompaniment that blends.
Also, I have been to many websites
to improve my shake, and yours is the first one that really helped.
Amazingly, I can easily believe that my 3-year old grandson Riley could begin to learn from SuperStart. Your instruction is unique
in that it is musically sound, has great teaching techniques, and has goals which are attainable to a wide range of age groups and talent levels.
You do not dumb things down, yet you make it fun.
I really think you have some of the best stuff out there."
E. Hoff, Chattanooga, Tennessee USA


 Mr. Shelton,

I think that I ordered your sytem about 1 1/2 years
ago. Harmonica Superstart is just fantastic. I wanted to thank you because I doubted that I could learn how to play an instrument in my thirties. But I couldn't help but learn by following the instruction in your book.
I blogged about how great your program is:

Again, thank you so much for your product and for the kindness you showed me by answering all of my emails prior to my purchase.
God bless you.
Serfronya Wallace

Jock Webb - harmonica player and teacher

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- is there a big difference in the quality of sound of chords:
between your lips versus chords "clamped"?

- if so, once again you really need to fix your tone - it's the best thing you can do for your playing before going any further.

Experiment #3:

Have you learned some riffs, can play a few songs, but for some strange reason,no one wants to hear you play? - same thing here
- a tone issue

Many, in fact most, beginning and intermediate harmonica players have learned to do some good things on the harmonica, but it is still painful to listen to them.

If that is you, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!.

It is just what happens when trying to play single notes and bend notes right from the beginning, which is what most books tell you to do - but no worries, with Harmonica SuperStart and some practice, you can be sounding better than ever, and you can do it fast, too!

OK - what does this "bad tone" thing sound like?

Here's a sound clip that alternates between bad and good tone - can you hear the difference?

OK - try those quiz questions out if you've tried to play the harmonica before, and if there's no problem, hey that's good, you need an intermediate book instead of Harmonica SuperStart.

If there is a tone problem to be fixed, then Harmonica SuperStart can help you - but it helps a lot to be the kind of learner that's willing to take a few steps back and build again,
even better.

Harmonica SuperStart starts out step-by-step, helps you build a great foundation for your playing and great tone that people want to hear, and Harmonica SuperStart guarantees that you will quickly be playing songs. This is also what makes it perfect for beginners.

You'll be playing chords (more than one note) that are color-coded so you know to blow or draw on the harmonica

- that way you can learn songs very quickly
and you get to build your tone at the same time

Why am I harping on tone here?

Because the harmonica is the most vocal of all instruments

- you know right away if someone is or is not a good singer, right?

That's why the show American Idol is so popular!

Same thing with the harmonica - either you got it, or you don't

and with Harmonica SuperStart, you can get it !

Harmonica SuperStart is an enormous resource - it is a System has been proven time and time again LIVE with THOUSANDS of students....


You’ll pick up your harmonica, you’ll put on a special card that connects right to your harmonica, and right before your eyes you’ll see what you are playing.

You’ll start playing your "colors" (they're coded for inhale and exhale) and right away you’ll be playing a recognizable song - that actually sounds good - and that’s just the start! There are tons of tricks I can show you in Harmonica SuperStart - here’s a classic blues riff - here’s what you can sound like!:

Or you can play this Train rhythm in 5 minutes - it starts off slow like this,   but there’s a special trick to it, so with the trick you can end up sounding like this!:

Do you want to sound like that?

Or do you want to sound like this: Do, Re, hmmm is it Me or FA next?  

What you just heard are symptoms of trying to play single notes and bend too soon - not the right way to start!
Wouldn't you rather sound like this:

Or this:   (this riff alone has 3 pages of instruction, 11 soundfiles, and 70 color tablature illustrations!)

- and lots of other styles in Harmonica SuperStart!

Don't take my word for it, here's what these people have to say:

With the Harmonica SuperStart System I am suddenly able to do what I've wanted to do for years on the harmonica. Everyone needs to
know about this!

Berris Joseph, Anchorage Alaska

Hi Matthew --
I am hooked on the harmonica and you have been a big help to me.
I was thrilled to get the improved version; I installed it today and spent the entire afternoon practicing on my harmonica. It is great!!!!
- and it came at a really good time because our outside temperatures are dropping and it's been raining quite a bit so it's good to have something to occupy my time.
Thanks again,

Louis Dipuma
Prairieville, Louisiana

harmonica tabs, harmonica tablature how to play the harmonica Elder Brown  

Elder Brown, John O Chiles Harmonica Project,
Atlanta Georgia:
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As a musician I am always looking for diffrent tips and tricks to improve my own musical style. I have always wanted to play the harmonica ever since I started playing blues on guitar seventeen years ago. Most of the time though I would try learning on my own and would get frustrated quickly or have other band members tell me to "Stick with guitar". After spending one evening with the super start program, I found myself sounding like I had been playing for a while and it was FUN! The program is so easy to use and understand and you make progress from the start. My wife, who is musically challenged, saw how much fun I was having and started looking through the book and was playing a song in no time herself. If you ever have wanted to learn how to play the harmonica, this is the way to go.  

Sean Qualls- Guitarist, Producer Marietta Georgia

Hello Matthew, I want to praise you for your ingenious work putting together the Superstart series. When I bought my first harmonica at a local music store I figured I would quickly learn basic easy songs. Boy, was I wrong and your System really put me back on track.
Thank-You for your skill and your time.

Bob Pasciolla, Dearborn, Michigan 

 Here's something else you get that no other harmonica course is offering:

 My course comes with a no quiz, no questions, 60 day money back guarantee.Harmonica SuperStart guarantee how to play the harmonica   

If for any reason, you find that Harmonica SuperStart isn't perfect for you, just send it back any time within TWO FULL MONTHS, and I'll buy it back from you at the full purchase price.

You have up to 2 full months to use and benefit from Harmonica SuperStart without any obligation to keep it - to make sure that it is everything I say and more.

Is that fair or what? 

 That means you can try out all the songs and exercises, secrets, tips and tricks at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if they don't produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

And I'll let you keep the harmonica as a gift - as my way of thanking you for giving Harmonica SuperStart a try.
There's absolutely no risk, whatsoever, on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't start having fun on the harmonica right away, then I'm the loser, not you.  

You save years of your life that you would be trying to muddle-through learning to play - you have everything you need to play-by-colors right away - absolutely priceless

With the Ebook Package you get the some fun interactivity that will be an extra surprise for you!

Best of all, when you get Harmonica SuperStart you know that you'll be playing the harmonica, fast. 
- the main thing is for you to learn to play the harmonica, and learn to play well, because you are going to LOVE IT ONCE YOU LEARN HOW TO PLAY!
This is for you: Give  yourself this gift of music, something that you can do and have fun with for the rest of your life.
because even though it is a small instrument, you will quickly find that you will need something to keep you on your harmonica journey 

- please keep your dream alive.

 Yours for playing the harmonica today and always, 
E Matthew Shelton

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  (you'll need to print in color; you'll also need glue, scissors - detailed instructions included - it's easy )
 2. Your own key of C diatonic harmonica
 You may already have a key of C diatonic harmonica - it should have a little letter "C" somewhere on the harmonica
- the letter denotes the "key" of the harmonica. They are the most common key of harmonica out there used to learn how to play harmonica.

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Can the guy who wrote this play the harmonica? You  decide


 how to play the harmonica Paul Finley

What Matthew, and in his book, knows how to do is TEACH. I had the privilege of many genius teachers in my days; real teaching skill is better than gold.

Paul Finley,
Musician and
Recording Artist, Austin, Texas












"dear matthew,  

i would like to tell you how great my playing has
improved over the past 4 months since i have used your
system. i have "love works" and "dobro swamp" down pat and
sounding good!!!!! i am now working on "harp you got it"
track. i have even started playing at work and draw a
good crowd

( i'm gunna start charging for the concert


Greg A Helland jr"









I have been trying/learning to play the harp since my retirement 2 years ago. spent hundreds of dollars on everything that i have come across on the web. even flew to a jam camp (which was ok-but too advanced for me) and finally came across your stuff. its great, mostly because you make it so much fun. the superstart cd is terrific and easy to use makes me want to practice more and more. thanks so much for offering this kind of instruction material. i probably am what a lot of people might be inasmuch as i am always looking for a secret to becoming a harmonica player but i finally found the secret thanks to your stuff, practice, practice and have fun while doing it. thanks again. ralph weiler 












 Jimi Hendrix said something like:  

"I'm OK at
playing lead, but I'm the best rhythm guitar player you ever heard".

Even Hendrix attached more importance to rhythm than lead.





















“To know and not to do is not to know” 

traditional Samurai saying