These are the download folders for all of the sound files that are also on CD #1 and  CD #2, in case you have bought a Harmonica SuperStart package that includes CDs.

The sound files can be downloaded to your phone, your tablet, your laptop, wherever you find it most convenient to use them.

Each of these links are to a FOLDER – a folder for CD#1 and a folder for CD#2

So when you follow each link it will look something like this if you right-click or CMD click the folder:

right-click download folder or files
right-click download folder or files

If you right-click the folder, you can download the whole thing quite easily.  You can also download each file individually, but remember – there are a lot of them!

Here are the links:

CD #1 download

CD #2 download



Of course, if you have the CDs, you can also rip the CDs and obtain the sound files that way, if you don’t want to download the files.  Here’s a basic tutorial on how to do that:  How to rip Audio CDs

In any case, you have access to all the sound files that come with Harmonica SuperStart – close to 100 of them.  Enjoy!