Harmonica SuperStart

Harmonica SuperStart has been taught live to thousands of students and is a proven effectiveHarmonica SuperStart book system for quickly learning the harmonica.

This is a play-by-colors system with a patented SuperStart Card that goes onto your harmonica so you can actually SEE what you are playing – and play right away.

Harmonica SuperStart takes advantage of the way the diatonic harmonica was originally designed to be played – playing with chords (more than one note at a time).

This is a very different approach than all the other harmonica instructions you’ll encounter.

Most require you immediately to try to play one note at a time, which can be frustrating and usually does not sound very good for quite a while.

With Harmonica SuperStart you will be playing music right away and sounding good, too – just follow the system step-by-step and you’ll be well on your way.


Here is the page regarding your soundfile downloads

Here is the page on how to install your Harmonica SuperStart Card